Minolta 16 II

This Minolta 16 II has the following specifications:

  • Image: 10x14mm on 16mm film
  • Lens: ROKKOR 22f/2,8
  • Aperture range: 2.8 to 16
  • Shutter speeds: 1/30 to 1/500 plus Bulb
  • Viewfinder: Gallilean with additional focus lens
  • Count-down frame counter
  • Camera dimensions (closed): 80mm x 40mm x 23mm
  • Weight: 143gr

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Minolta 16 II Collectors item

This Minolta 16 II from 1960 is a sub-miniature 16mm camera with a solid alumium case, made in Japan with serial Number: 863144.

Minolta 16 refers to a line of 16mm sub-miniature cameras made by Minolta between 1955 and 1974. The negative size was 10×14 mm for the earlier models, later, a larger format, 12×17 mm was adopted, using single-perforated 16 mm film. It was possible to load your own cassettes, and also develop the film using a special developing tank with a spiral insert for 16 mm film.

The Minolta 16 can be traced back to the Mica Automat built by Konan in 1947. Minolta bought out Konan in the early 1950s and continued producing cameras under the Konan name for several years. The first camera labeled Minolta 16 rather than Konan 16 was the Minolta 16 Automat of 1955. The Minolta 16 used a newly designed film cassette which was not compatible with the Konan models.

The first Minolta 16 camera was the 16 Automat (1955), which was almost identical to the Konan 16 Automat. It featured a fixed-focus 25mm lens,  apertures from f/3.5 to f/11, and shutter speeds from 1/50 to 1/200 plus bulb. Film advance was via a Minox-style push-pull housing.

The 16 was the second Minolta 16 model, introduced in 1957. Basically a more streamlined Automat, it was modified to allow for slip-on filters and close-up lenses and had fewer shutter speeds. It was available in six colors in addition to the standard chrome. This was followed three years later by the 16 II, which appeared identical to the 16 but featured an improved lens and expanded shutter speeds (1/30 to 1/500 plus bulb) and aperture ranges (2.8 to 16).

This camera is operated manually: time and aperture can be adjusted manually by two wheels on the side of the camera with engraved marks.

The Minolta 16 II being sold is equipped with the fantastic ROKKOR 1:28 lens, F=22mm.

When not in use, the Minolta 16 II is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. Easy to pack, easy to carry!

The camera body has minimum usage marks. A nice collectors item!


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Dimensions 10,16 × 5,80 × 3,10 cm


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