We could write a book about bad packaging: from cameras and lenses wrapped in plastic bags to boxes which were smaller than the item that was shipped. It’s needless to say that cameras and lenses are fragile devices. During transport, they tend to receive a lot of shocks. Shocks are bad. Therefore, it’s very important not try to save costs on packaging material, in order to make sure your camera and lens doesn’t arrive to us with even more issues.

Fortunately, we have a lot of experience in shipping delicate equipment. That is why we have come up with a visual guide on “how to pack your precious gear”. Please follow our guidelines to make sure your items reach us without any additional damage.

Step 1

Kiss your gear Bye Bye (for now).

Carefully wrap your camera and/or lens in sufficient protective material such as paper or plastic bubble wrap or any other alternative that might have the same protective function. We cannot emphasize enough to use a sufficient quantity of that material.

Use tape or rubber bands to keep the material in place. By using rubber bands, you’ll make it possible to reuse the material and to reduce the ecological footprint.

Step 2

Find a spacious and very sturdy box. Avoid single walled cardboard boxes and go for a double or tripple walled one. If the box is damaged, get a new one because once damaged it looses its protective ability.

When we say spacious, we really mean spacious! There should be at least a minimum of 10 to 15cm of space between the item you’re shipping and the walls of the box you’re shipping the item in. Don’t put the wrapped item against one side of the box without using protection because that side will be the weak spot and might damage your item.

Step 3

Use sufficient packaging material, such as foam chips, bubble wrap, schredded cardboard, etc. to fill up the space between your item and the walls of the box. Please don’t use plastic bags or various paper waste (such as toilet rolls and egg packaging) as a fill up material. We do appreciate your recycling efforts. Once the box is closed you can give it a light shake. If you feel the item(s) moving, you will need to use more material to fill in the void spaces.

Step 4

Don’t forget to enclose a letter or a note with the description of the issues and your contact information inside of the shipment. Fix everything with packaging tape and press firmly so there is no loose tape anywhere. Make sure that the shipping label is visible on the box and ship the item well insured to our address.

Please don’t ship it to a pick-up location in our area in order to save on shipping costs because we have limited time to drive around and pick up packages.

Ship your packages to the following address:

Camera Revival
Nieuwstraat 31
3511 Kuringen