Mamiya RZ67 Sekor Z 50mm f4.5 Lens

This Mamiya RZ67 Sekor Z 50mm f4.5 lens is fully serviced and includes

  • RZ67 Sekor Z 50mm f4.5 lens
  • 12-month warranty

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Mamiya RZ67

The Mamiya RZ67 is an iconic Japanese medium format camera. Mamiya has released 3 different versions of RZ67 system: RZ67 Pro, RZ67 Pro II and RE67 Pro IID. The cameras are famous for their amazing modular system and the rotating back, which allows the user to shoot the 67-format in landscape and portrait orientation without rotating the camera. These cameras are known to be workhorses and have served many photographers inside as well as outside the studio. As most medium format cameras, the lenses for the RZ67 system are equipped with a leaf shutter, which allows faster sync speeds for speedlights or strobes (whereas most focal-plane shutter medium format cameras are limited to 1/60th of a second). The shutter speeds of the system range from 8 second to 1/400th of a second. The RB67 is a semi electronic system that does require a batteries to operate. Without a battery the camera can be used as a mechanical camera in combination with RB67 lenses. Because the focussing happens via a built-in bellows system, the camera allows you to get up-close and personal with your subject.

The standard 67 back, allows you to shoot 10 frames per roll of 120 film. 645, 66 and digital backs (only for the Pro IID) are also available for the system.

The item being sold is a lens for the RZ67 system:

RZ67 Sekor Z 50mm f4.5 lens serialnr 12095

Fully serviced shutter mechanics, cleaned elements and calibrated infinity focus.

Optics are clear and free from fungus, oil and separation. The doublets of this lens have been recemented using a modern optical glue and recentered for better optical performance.

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